The world needs beauty. Not just images that are aesthetically pleasing, but true beauty. Work that draws one in and moves the soul towards something greater.

The world also needs those fit for the call. Not just those with a passion and a vision, but those who are equipped with the hard skills needed to fill such a void.

Our mission lies on both fronts.

We create art that leads the individual to greater awe. It could be as simple as a small print in your kitchen serving as a daily reminder to your Vocation. Or it could be achieved through a substantial piece of work in your Church, drawing us deeper into worship.

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But the world also needs you. And your gifts. Whether you are an experienced artist seeking out ways to perfect your craft or a complete stranger to a sketchbook, we have something for you. Whether you wish to create your life's masterpiece or a simple drawing for a friend, you will find value in our education.

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