What is Dedicatio?

Dedicatio is a Latin form of "dedication" and "consecration." The devotion and diligence put into our work, both the physical art and the education, strives to be the highest quality it can be. We love what we do.


For you, for your community, and for the glory of God.


Who are we?

We are Kevin & Katie, a MR & MRS with a mission. From the early days of our marriage, we began to feel unified in what God was calling us to. Through a circuitous route and several moves taking us from Boston to Saint Paul, we collected experience along the way and a greater vigor for the vision being crafted in our minds & hearts.


Meet Kevin, the artist

As a native to Duluth, Minnesota, the seeds for my current artistic vision were planted as a seminarian at St. John Vianney College Seminary (University of St. Thomas) in St. Paul. While studying for the Diocese of Duluth, I grew in appreciation and knowledge of philosophy, theology, and the transcendentals, namely that which is true, good, and beautiful.

Creating, re-creating, and communicating Beauty through both art and education is a lifelong pursuit of mine. In the years following my time in seminary, I relocated to Boston, MA to study realist art in the atelier method at the Academy of Realist Art. This systematic training reflects the methods in which the fine masters learned to produce such beautiful work, manifesting itself in different styles. With this extensive training and a solid understanding of philosophy, theology, and economics, it is my hope to produce beautiful artwork directing viewers to that which is higher and greater.

My greatest desire, in addition to producing beautiful work, is to pass on what I have learned and am still learning. While studying at the ARA, I also took on the role of instructor. Through both classes and workshops of varying lengths and objectives, students of all ages will leave with a more systematic approach to the type of art which they wish to pursue. More than just gaining technical skills, though, I wish to help in forming the entire person, through the lens of Beauty.

Katie - dedicatio.jpg

Meet Katie, the helper

Born & raised outside Philadelphia, I made my way up to Boston for school and met Kevin shortly after. My work experience has evolved from human resources to recruiting to development/fundraising/communications, taking me from Boston to London to New York to Saint Paul. While I never quite expected to hitch my wagon to an artist, I thank God every day for the unique adventure we've been on together. Recognizing his unique gifts and my call to serve him through our marriage as well as this mission has been life-changing for me.

Dedicatio began with a talented man and has developed into something greater, something that ignites my soul. The work I do, using the gifts I have, support Kevin's work as we strive to spread beauty through art and education. Thanks for joining us on this journey!